16th gen scroll


The Japanese/Chinese characters above appear on a scroll in the Center's collection written by Tantansai, the grandfather of the current Grand Tea Master, Zabôsai Iemoto.

It is read Seishû gan nan shô, and could be translated as "Clear autumn: the geese fly south."


Urasenke Chanoyu Center

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On Saturday, May 5th, 2018 a brief workshop with a Q & A period afterward will be offered between 3:30pm and 5:00pm at the NY Urasenke Chanoyu Center. For further information on this event and registration, Please click on the URL NY Adventure Club.

Introductory View
This monthly tea demonstration lecture, open to members and non-members, serves as an introduction to the Way of Tea - an opportunity to partake in it and to learn something of its history and philosophy. We don't take phone reservations, but you must call to determine space availability.When confirmed, please send a check for $20 per person made out to "Urasenke, Inc.". Our address is above. Please write your telephone number and the date you're attending on the check.

Please let us know by Friday of the previous week, if you must cancel your reservations.   Refunds, transfer or credit cannot be given for last minute cancellations.
Please arrive10 minutes early as the demonstration begins promptly at the scheduled starting time.  We look forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you.

All demonstrations begin at 5:30 pm.
2018 Dates:
Wednesday, April 18th
Wednesday, May 16th
Wednesday, June 27th
Wednesday, July 25th
No demonstration in August
Wednesday, September 5th
Wednesday, October 10th
Wednesday, November 14th
Wednesday, December 12th


There is no dress code, but please wear an appropriate dress for sitting on the tatami mats. Jeans are discouraged because of possible damage to the tatami mat surface. Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or cosmetics. Thank you for your consideration. Gift certificates are available from the office for these demonstrations.

Group Demonstrations
We welcome school groups (first grade through college) and other groups for one-hour lecture-demonstrations at the Center on Wednesdays. Please call to make arrangements and arrive ten minutes prior to the time reserved.

We recommend you reconfirm your reservation one week prior to the event.

Please bring a pair of socks (no bare feet). Please remove any jewelry from your fingers to avoid chipping or breaking one of the tea bowls.

Please advise your students of the basic rules of the demonstration before arrival. Your care will preserve the facility for future use. Any damages will be charged to your school.

Demonstration Etiquette
1. Please do not touch or lean on the wall or shoji (paper/wood) screens.
2. Please do not try to force yourself to drink tea or eat all the sweets. You can take the sweets home, if you don't want to consume them at the center. You may just take a sip of tea, to taste it and leave the rest. Experiencing a different culture is the most important part of the demonstration
3. Please try to behave yourself and be quiet during the tour, so you don't miss any of the explanations.
4. Please ask the instructor, if picture taking is permitted.
5. Feel the tradition of tea. Relax, enjoy yourself and have a bowl of tea.
Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Basic Fees
When calculating the number of people include teachers and parents.
The check should be made payable to Urasenke Inc.
Elementary and High School Groups
$200 for up to 20 guests. $10 each for additional guests up to a maximum of 25.
Available times on Wednesdays are 10am, 11:15am, 2:00pm or 3:15pm The duration of the demonstration is one hour. These demonstrations are usually used for an educational "field trip" for students interested in in exploring Japanese culture.
Other Groups
$300 for up to 20 guests. $15 each for additional guests up to maximum of 25.
In this category demonstrations will be scheduled all day at reserved times on Wednesdays.

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