Lecture and Seminar - November 2013

Hôunsai Daisôshô and Zabôsai Iemoto generously dispatched Soko Shirahase and Sogen Izumimoto Sensei, members of Iemoto's Gyôtei Teaching Staff, to New York City for a seminar and lecture in November. It was a valuable opportunity for New York students to enrich their studies in the Urasenke way of tea. The events were open to all levels of student licenses from beginner to advanced. It was well attended by New York students for all three events including the welcome party. Below are pictures of the three events.


Monday - November 11th : Session 1  - Lecture for Beginners
Gyôtei Soko Shirahase

The lecture was held from 2:00pm to 4:30pm on Monday, November 11th.
It was broken up in two sections with a tea break in between.

seminar1 seminar7


seminar5 seminar44

Monday - November 11th : Welcome Reception
Nippon Club - Sakura Room

A reception was held from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Nippon Club in their Sakura Room. It was well attended by the members to welcome Soko Shirahase sensei and Sogen Izumimoto sensei. It gave the students an opportunity to express their gratitude for their willingness to share their knowledge of the way of tea as a result of Hôunsai Daisôshô and Zabôsai Iemoto generosity.

party1 party2

party3 party4

party5 party6

party7 party8


party9 party10

party13 party14

Tuesday - November 12th : Session 2  - Seminar
Gyôtei Soko Shirahase

Gyôtei Soko Shirahase conducted a seminar from 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday, November12th. The Shogo Chaji  in Ro-season workshop covered the sumidemae, koicha and usucha temaes. Stusents took the roles of host and guest and Gyôtei Soko Shirahase commented on their movements and gave instruction on the proper mental focus during a temae.

sem1 sem2

sem3 sem4

sem5 sem6

sem17 sem8

sem9 sem10



Mizuya no Kokoroe Workshop
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dougu no Toriawase
“knowledge of combining utensils”

On Sunday, October 9th two workshops were held at the Center sponsored by our non-profit entity the Tea Ceremony Society. Yoshihiro Terazono discussed the theory and practice of how to develop a theme of Chakai, and coordinate Jiku, flowers, tea utensils and sweets accordingly. The tone of the theme was set by the choice of the scroll in the tokonomo by Tantansai, "Lying in the Mist". The remaining implements were chosen to reflect the the overall theme. The two sessions began with a lecture on the reasons for the choices and also on which type of dougu that would be appropriate to use together in the same temae. The preparation of the charcoal was next and students were able to observe the process up close. This was followed by an intermission during which the room was reset for serving usucha (thin tea) emphasizing candle light and a feeling of a twilight temae. When the students returned, sweets and tea were served, while continuing the lecture process. Mr. Terazono exhorted the students to ask questions given that this was a lecture and not a formal chakai. The event was successful in raising money for the Tea Ceremony Society. Both sessions were sold out and approximately twenty five per cent of the Tea Ceremony Society members attended.

oct1 oct2

oct 3 oct4


oct6 oct7


Mizuya Workshop
Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yoshihiro Terazono conducted a workshop at the Center on the preparation for tearoom events. Some of the topics discussed was the proper way to handle the scroll in the tokonoma from opening the box, hanging it the proper area, taking it down in front of the guest and returning to the box. Preparation of the ash in the furo was addressed, as well as, choosing the appropriate flower container (hanarie) and placement in the tokonoma. It was discussed how these components must be in harmony with one another to create a theme for the temae.
Thirty-two students attended the two afternoon workshops.




Open House Benefit for Japan
and Tsunami Relief

Sunday, May 22nd

The Urasenke Chanoyu Center held Open House Benefit for Earthquake Relief on Sunday, May twenty second. Over 80 guests attended the event. Three thousand and fifty five dollars were raised from participants and others that wanted to participate in the event by making a donation. All the proceeds were donated to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund on Wednesday, May 25th. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the volunteers because without your support and help; we would have been unable to stage the event. It is a distinct honor that we can be a part of Relief Fund activities. 




Dr. Genshitsu Sen was born in Kyoto on April 19, 1923, the first son of the 14th generation Urasenke grand master (iemoto), Mugensai. He served as the Urasenke grand master for thirty-eight years, up to the end of 2002, when he transferred the iemoto position and the hereditary name Soshitsu that goes with it to his elder son. In September 2010. he came to New York in celebration of the 60th year anniversary since he first went abroad from Japan promoting the Urasenke tradition throughout the world. Click here for photos from some of the events that Daisosho presided over during his stay.